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Leather garments Made in Italy Since 1926

Behind our leather bags made in Italy there is a story that speaks of the art of Florence, the sunsets of Rome but above all of Italian leather goods.

Behind our leather accessories there is a world of memories.

Thirty years have passed since the beginning of this time lived in contact with the thickness of the raw materials and the experience of the craftsmen. And we are still here to share our story.

Today, as then, we produce and sell Italian leather goods with a strong identity: the cut of the leather and the sartorial stitching are the details of a work that every day tells of beauty and elegance.

A story that takes the form of a wallet or a belt, the brightness of leather or the warmth of suede. The work we carry out and leave impressed in everything we do reflects our character: we are tenacious and welcoming.

We give life to products that never die.

Our Florence Moon stores

Sewn into our accessories and bags is a brand: Florence Moon.

Symbol of authenticity and quality. Wear a choice of style and originality. Experience the comfort that welcomes an elegance tailored to every need.

We listen to the new trends to return colorful proposals, simple, rigorous or soft, the right size to contain the best.

Florence Moon is an online store but also a leather goods store in Rome.

Five different stores, each with its own personality, share a single intent at the origin of this adventure:

Give back to the leather a new story, that of those who through leather accessories and bags choose to wear a unique product.

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